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Browser support for fixed table columns and headers

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by pbhanney, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. pbhanney

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    So, I am using a website that uses tables with fixed columns and headers. It works fine on my desktop, laptop, and iOS browsers, however when I try it on any of my android browser and on several android devices, the columns and rows never line up with the fixed column and header.

    I cannot show an example from the site that I am using, however, I have found an example online that does the same thing. It is here:

    MooGrid - A Mootools-based grid component - Matt's 411 - A Web Developer's Blog

    If you go in any browser in Windows or Mac, it will work fine. If you try the table on an iPod or iPad, it will work fine. However, on an android device in any browser you will notice that the fixed column and header doesn't always line up with the column or header.

    Does anyone know of any solution for this? I would like to recommend an android device to the company I work for, but this issue is essential to the website that many employees work on everyday.

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