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BSPRO Cam Scanner, Document Scanner & PDF Editor

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by sampathkumar7, Aug 26, 2020.

  1. sampathkumar7

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    Bharat Scanner helps you scan images and documents and convert them into PDF format. Create a PDF using our advanced PDF Editor with direct printing option.

    This is completely free document scanning app built by Twisters Studio which turns your android device into a powerful portable PDF creator and PDF editor to create complete PDF with no watermark .

    You can use this portable document scanner to create anything — Documents, Pictures, Receipts, Business Cards, Notes, Flyers.

    * Scan all your documents.
    * Improve your scan with smart cropping.
    * Apply cool filters to your scan or image
    * Share all your created PDF's easily from home screen.
    * Create multiple PDF pages upto 300 pages
    * Smart & Easy PDF scanner
    * Create complete PDF layout from scratch with no watermark
    * You can add your signature also.
    * No watermark

    1) Easy to use Document Scanner with few steps.
    2) Supports most PDF Reader and PDF editor
    3) High Resolution PDF creator
    4) Convert you images to PDF
    5) Scan documents using your camera with cam scanner advanced features
    6) Slide left and right to view, share, print and delete your PDF

    Google Play Link

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  2. Jon Maldonado

    Jon Maldonado Lurker

    After I completed the installation of the download, while I was trying to install CamScanner Pro with the error message "app not installed", how do I fix this?
    #2 Jon Maldonado, Mar 3, 2021
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