Help BT HH4 and Desire


Android Expert
I have a BT Home Hub 4. My Galaxy S2, my wife's Orange and my Dell laptop are using the home wifi.

I want to also use an old HTC Desire on this network. But I find that although the Desire finds the wifi network it will not connect. It just keeps trying to login by Scanning, connecting, authenticating, disconnected!

Of course the battery is soon used up as the Desire is continually trying to login to the home wifi!

I can get wifi connection by login onto BT Wifi_FOn, using my BT account; this of course uses the public side of my HH4?

Tried all but factory reset from this link:-

Any more advice before factory reset.


Android Expert
Have you checked that the phone supports whatever WiFi standard the router is running? From what I can see, the Desire only does Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g ..