BT planttronics headset not connecting to new 2.1 ota.


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Hi all,
I just got the 2.1 OTA yesterday morning. I was one 1.5 and it loaded up without issue. A couple of quirky things to work out, but then again, there are so many more setting and functionality with 2.1.

The update broke my existing link with my BT headset. So I went in and and set it up again. I got them to "pair" but I can't get it to "connect". Does anybody have any ideas here?

BTW, my wife has an Eris too. She's a second line on my contract. She still has not gotten the ota update yet. So it appears to be totally random who it's being pushed to.



I had a similar issue with my Jawbone PRIME; it wouldn't even detect it. I looked through the user guide and I did a full reset to my Jawbone and it put it back into discovery mode and it finally found it. Im unfamiliar with ur device but maybe it needs a full reset. Just a suggestion since it worked for me.