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Bubble Pop : Furious Hills - [Game] [FREE]

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Game Monk, Jan 12, 2021.

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    Play unlimited non stoppable free challenging levels and get ready to enjoy beautiful graphics and a smooth gameplay with awesome storyline and animations. Pop bubbles, and save the island from the volcano’s lava. This popping bubbles fun game will give you endless hours of excitement!

    HOW TO PLAY Bubble Pop: Furious Hills
    [​IMG] pop all bubbles with just Tap.
    [​IMG] pop the bubble bomb booster to pop all bubbles in the air.
    [​IMG] Don’t let the bomb bubble confuse you as the fall from sky so pop them before they hit the ground.
    [​IMG] Hit and pop all the bubbles gain max score and possibility of more boosters.
    [​IMG] Pop the heart blinking bubble as it will bring more rain and cool down the angry volcano.
    [​IMG] Pop bubbles or more to unlock the explosive Volcanic Bombs and nature saving Hearts.
    [​IMG] Pop bubbles from exact center to get Perfect Tap.

    WHY YOU SHOULD PLAY THIS POP Bruster GAME “Bubble Pop: Furious Hills” :
    [​IMG] Discover hundreds of volcanic bubble pop levels.
    [​IMG] Tap the bubble to pop it, simply tap to play fun.
    [​IMG] Complete fun and enjoyable music!
    [​IMG] Try beating the game before your family and friends.
    [​IMG] Addicting gameplay, once you start – you simply can’t stop playing!
    [​IMG] Awesome rewards and cool animations.
    [​IMG] Exciting features and elements.
    [​IMG] Play Bubble Pop: Furious Hills and share your experience and score with the rest of the world.

    Download Now on Play Store Bubble Pop : Furious Fill

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Bubble Pop: Furious Hills

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