May 14, 2023
For several months now when I start a text conversation the response from the other party comes through with a sort of bubble sound. No loud audible notification sound as before. Unless I'm literally holding the phone I can't hear the response. I'm constantly missing responses. It will go back to the audible when there has been a certain amount of time with no activity. So aggravating! Please don't tell me to go to notification sounds. That's not the problem. The sound I chose is there just not during a text thread.
Clementine, I'm using the regular blue Messages app installed on the phone not Messages + which is red. These both came with the phone...i never installed anything different. The sound only happens on a live active text conversation. If there's a time gap between responses then it goes back to audible. We finally narrowed it down to at least that.
I've read responses from other android users that say the same thing. Unless the phone is right in front of you , you can't hear the quiet "bloop" sound. This just started in the last six months or so. Thought my phone was broken til I read the other posts.
I guess that's Google's Messages app (and the other is probably your service provider's app). I don't use that, but some message apps make different sounds when you are in a conversation than when the app is in the background (WhatsApp does this, for example). I think the idea is that when you are actively exchanging messages with someone you don't need a loud tone when a new message comes in, but of course if you just put the phone down with the conversation ongoing it may be insufficient.

Maybe check the app's settings and see whether there is any option to control this behaviour. No guarantee it will let you play a louder sound though: Google apps are usually amongst the poorest for customisation (Google always think they know best), and it's more common for apps to offer on on/off toggle for sounds when in a conversation rather than an option to choose what that sound is.

If the app won't let you change this I can see just 2 options: try another SMS app that doesn't do this (or lets you control it) or press the home button when you put the phone down (or maybe turn the screen off will do it?). You can go to the Play Store and post a bad review/complaint, but if I'm right about whose app this is they are not likely to take any notice.

(One problem with the "find another app" solution, which is my default solution to the inadequacies of pre-installed apps, is if you use RCS ("Chat") functions. Many SMS apps don't support RCS, so if you use that feature then it will limit what apps you can use.)
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