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Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by sputnick89, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. sputnick89

    sputnick89 Lurker
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    BubbleJump is an addictive game where you want to successfully beat your highscore over and over again by trying to reach ever higher up.

    The game is to jump with a shrimp on the bubbles to take the shrimp up and earn points. Sometimes sharks swimming by, make sure to jump on it and then get even more points. Higher you go the harder it gets, the bubbles become smaller and harder to hit.



  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    moved to the app announcement forum
  3. sputnick89

    sputnick89 Lurker
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    New version out now.

    Now the game saves when you quit the BubbleJump, so you can now continue the game when you start again.

    Now it is possible to see their 5 recent high scores.

    New graphics on the menu.

    Lycka till
  4. sputnick89

    sputnick89 Lurker
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    Someone who managed to beaten my record on 19430710?
  5. sputnick89

    sputnick89 Lurker
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    Now there is a new version out 1.3.
    The news is that now played 8-bit background music while playing and some bug fixes:D
  6. sputnick89

    sputnick89 Lurker
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  7. sputnick89

    sputnick89 Lurker
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    What do you think about 8-bit music in the game?
  8. Umz

    Umz Lurker

    I like it, a bit difficult to get used to at first; getting used to the rate you drop at.
    Looks a bit :creep: dark though, Maybe add some aesthetics in the background?
  9. sputnick89

    sputnick89 Lurker
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    Agree that the background is a little too dark, will try to find some good background image that makes it a little lighter, but hard to find that fit with the bubbles!
  10. sputnick89

    sputnick89 Lurker
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    Now there's a new version out of Bubble Jump on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shrimpgaming.bubblejump

    What is new is:
    New graphics on the start menu, which is more modern.
    You can now upload your highscores to the web and see what others have got.
    Game over sound.
    Updated graphics in the game, etc.
    Bug fix.

    Download and try to beat the highest score now !!!

  11. evilentity

    evilentity Lurker

    I dont think nintendo takes kindly to using their stuff. The in game assets could use some work. Also tutorial, i had no clue what im supposed to do.
  12. gigglegeeks

    gigglegeeks Lurker

    Just installed this game and I like it. Although you can spend some time to improve graphics of the game. :D

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