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Budget price tablets (Sumvision Cyclone Astro etc)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by spooky_b329, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. spooky_b329

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  2. HTCpoop

    HTCpoop Lurker

    I clicked the order button a few days ago. Much like yourself, I don't need big performance. I wanted a tablet for reading ebooks mainly, any other features that I can make use of when travelling (i'm travelling a lot) are a bonus. I found the sumvision tablet almost by accident. I had already decided on an archos 7 g2 but the extra spec of the sumvision helped sway my thinking. Also there are a lot of favourable reviews on the ebuyer site from happy sumvision owners.

    I'm still not expecting much from it though. If it's a good tablet, I'll be happy. If it's not, pffft, it's
  3. smartmarty

    smartmarty Lurker

    Sorry that my first post on this forum isn't a positive one (I'll say hi later), but I can't recommend the newly updated Astro+. After installing a system info app (or 2) they both come back with a 1GHz processor (not 1.2) and 306mg of ram (not 1GB). The default browser is rubbish, and locks up too frequently. Text isn't very well rendered. The screen is hard to read unless you get the angle spot on. The Wifi connection drops out occasionally, and range isn't that good. Kindle ebook reader works a treat, but this unit is a good deal heavier that the Kindle hardware, and battery life won't be anywhere near as good either (hours rather than weeks).

  4. HTCpoop

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  5. tibicar

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    They are now selling it for
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