Help bug: Play Music won't play on my new 10


Extreme Android User
I can add music to my library, I'm obviously logged in (see my subscription status and all) and can see my library. Tapping a song to play or stream it gives me some weird error about too many devices even though I only use this service on a total of four. I have always had glitches with Play services with any device but I hope this isn't an issue with my new Nexus. It is great for everything else but a huge deal breaker if I can't do something as simple as access my Play music library. I'd hate to return it as its a perfect replacement for the iPad I used prior so I hope this is a temporary issue.

play music continues to work fine on my Galaxy S3 and Nexus 7, just broken on the 10.

EDIT: never mind, was a temporary issue like usual. Was worried for a while though.