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Bugless Beast 2.1 v0.4 is OUT 02/22/10

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Decus22, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. Decus22

    Decus22 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    incase you guys wanted to know!

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  2. dcorn

    dcorn Well-Known Member

    So I did the update to v0.4 from v0.1 and everything was fine except I could only OC to 550mhz. I installed the ChevyNo1 updated for 1.25ghz and now when I turn on the droid, the moto symbol shows up and disappears, then shows up again and repeats. Never gets past it. What now?? Nandroid backup?
  3. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    Use another kernel. I'm on his 2.0.1 based ROM, but my system was a force close / reboot disaster with Chevy's kernel. If he has the DroidROM kernel available for his 2.1 based release, use that, it worked much better for me.
  4. gizbug

    gizbug Well-Known Member

    what the difference is between all the kernels you have listed? How are we suppose to know which one to install? You have a lot of them listed:
    Stock 550 MHz (Already Included, Does not support Wifi Tether)
    t3hSteve 600 MHz (recommended)
    DroidMod's Latest 1.2 MHz (a.k.a. Sholes.info)
    ChevyNo1's 10 Slot 1.2 MHz
    ChevyNo1's 10 Slot 1.25 MHz

    Which one do we start with for OC'ing? 1.25?
  5. inssane

    inssane Android Expert

    Well, think about it.
    Stock has no WiFi tether (this is his attempt to merge beast with beauty as he mentioned once)
    600 is recommended, meaning...he recommends it, but its only a little quicker than stock
    The DroidMod - I believe is the kernel currently on beasts previous to 1.0
    The other two are ten slots, which gives you more scaling options.

    If you can't make the decision on your own, stick to stock and do some more reading.
  6. Decus22

    Decus22 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    From what I've read so far there are some stability issues with some droids and chevys 1.2 running at 1.2

    When I try 1.1 tonight I'm going with droidmod 1.2 but thats because I know it is stable on my phone at 1.2.

    I say try them all and see which one is most stable on your phone. Just do a Nandroid before you start.:D
  7. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert

    I asked this in the other thread, but I think it's already old news lol: Can I just DL the 1.25 patcher w/ 7.9 or does it only work w/ these latest 2.1 roms?
  8. Megasean

    Megasean Newbie

    I had this same question last night, and decided to try it out this morning hoping it worked......And it did on 7.6
  9. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert

    I guess I'll have a go at it. 1.2ghz w/ previous BB was never too stable for me, but I'm trying to decipher it's just my processor or the kernel. When I did use it, it was buttery smooth. I like buttery smooth.
  10. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert

    Yyyeeeaaahhh...that's not gonna fly. Rebooted immediatly. Then froze. Bat pul. Stuck at "M". Bat pull. Made it to Launcher. FCed. Bat pull. Then started ON ITS OWN (SkyNet is live)! Reboot.

    Ok, I guess it's back to nandroid, then probably to newest BB.
  11. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert

    Tried installing this version w/ nandroid and I kept getting an error. Did everything to a tee. Hmmm...
  12. huytung

    huytung Member

    what's the error
  13. ccousinsjr

    ccousinsjr Well-Known Member

    How do you install the different kernels? Do you just update.zip to BB then update.zip again to the kernel?
  14. Sportster

    Sportster Android Enthusiast

    This is getting confusing. Didn't realize there's a beast and a beauty. Think we need a sticky for Roms that have proven themselves over time to be for the most part stable. Don't want to load something to only find out HEY in so and so thread somewhere it was said this wasn't stable. Well there may be TEN threads on that rom and oh,I just happened to miss the one that would have let me know not to use it. We need one spot to check quickly yea that one is ok,has proven stable for the most part,no FC's or constant reboots,etc etc. May not be perfect but works.
  15. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    For Pete's new releases, yes, you can just use the update.zip method files that he links to in his Alldroid thread. Previously we had to flash kernels with ADB or using the TGZ method, which are both just as easy as update.zip if you ask me, but it's nice that they're available in this format anyway. I just don't like that I have to rename update.zip files a thousand times to keep installing new kernels and versions. I would prefer TGZ files that can hold different names and still work in SPRecovery.
  16. meek_reese

    meek_reese Member

    You make a good point but I think it is more suited to the rom thread over at All Droid than for here.

    Also it is hard to determine what rom is most stable because sometimes it depends on what apps a particular Droid owner is using etc... I guess in short I am trying to say it isn't easy to gather that info, so the best thing to do is read all you can about a rom and then decide whether or not it is for you. This may mean waiting a few extra days to find out what bugs there are, but that is the price you'll have to pay to stay "stable"
  17. ccousinsjr

    ccousinsjr Well-Known Member

    So delete the BB update.zip and get the one from the kernel that I want and install it?
  18. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert

    Nandroid exited w/ status 21

    EDIT: Read over at AllDroid that someone else is having the same issue. They got the same message. When answered, they were told that that meant they had spaces in the name. After eliminating the spaces, he started to get a status 25 instead. Guess what I'm getting now. At least I can take solace in the fact that I'm not the only idiot.

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