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Support Bugs/issues/questions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by privet, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. privet

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    Nov 15, 2012

    Nov 15, 2012
    I've had the phone for a little over a week now and thought I'd report on some issues I've been having to see if anyone else is also experiencing them and/or see if there are any solutions. Since much of this is nit-picking, I'll separately list the legitimate issues (the bugs).

    Possible bugs
    • The touch sensitivity goes haywire when plugging the phone in for charging.
    • Using the default keyboard, sometimes (seemingly sporadically) when trying to delete a few letters it will suddenly delete all the text in the box, as if backspace is being held down. Haven't noticed this with SwiftKey.
    • The phone gets rather hot, to the point that display brightness cannot be set over certain levels after prolonged use.
    • The proximity sensor is not particularly responsive when pulling the phone away from my face while on a call. This could just be nit-picking, but I feel like it's a legitimate problem that it takes so long for the screen to come back on.

    • Is there some way to change the font in Chrome? I changed the system font to Roboto but for whatever reason Chrome remains in LG's system gothic. Even the default web browser is in Roboto while Chrome is not.
    • Is there a way to have the lock screen display notifications without installing an extra app? I remember seeing this mentioned in a review but I can't find anything in the settings for it.
    • Can the native email app display the sender and subject preview for email notifications? I've only been able to get it to say "New email" and can't find an option in the settings to change this.

    Random niggles
    • I'm not sure if the native email app supports ActiveSync. The manual states it doesn't, but I finally got push email working for my Exchange accounts (by setting the server to m.outlook.com, so not by the IT department's recommendations).
    • If you swipe away a text notification, then go into the messaging app, the notification will reappear. Kind of irritating since there's no option to mark messages as read, so to get the notification to finally go away you have to go into the text convo. It reminds me of iOS in its cumbersomeness, though this can be solved by installing a third party messaging app.
    • Is it just me or is LG's rendering of text in their UI a bit crunchy? Zooming in on webpages and PDFs, it all looks great, but in settings and such there's a bit of jaggedyness going on. Really, it's hardly noticeable, but I thought it was odd considering the high quality display. I could also just be seeing things.
    • I can't figure out how to get to the typical Android detailed battery usage stats. What has been using the battery and the graph displays, but not the bars showing network activity, time awake, etc. I can only get this to show up when the phone gets to a low battery warning and viewing battery use is an option.


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