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Bugs/niggles with the built-in Music player

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rodhull, May 12, 2010.

  1. rodhull

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    Apr 13, 2010

    Apr 13, 2010
    There is no way to *append* or *enqueue* songs to the Now Playing list, so you must create a playlist which will then let you append - but not whilst it's playing - you must re-load the playlist (and possibly lose your place if you decided in the middle of the list that you wanted to extend it with another few albums). This is no major problem, since you can re-queue and navigate to where you were...


    Once in the playlist screen when you choose "Add songs" from the Menu button and then choose the Artist - it displays *all* the artist's songs alphabetically (!) Very odd behaviour. Why doesn't it show you their respective albums as it does do if you choose to queue up a single album without first going into the playlist?

    Sure you can add an album directly by going to the *albums* screen (from within the playlist), but it won't tell you who they're recorded by, so with a very large connection you simply have to know who your albums are by if you can't make out the thumbnail album cover...

    Secondly, and most annoying of all is that if you choose to add songs to the playlist straight from the artist/album screen without first going into the playlist and choosing "add songs", it queues the albums' tracks in alphabetical *not* track order. All my tracks are MP3s and have clean v1 and v2 ID3 tags (with embedded album art) so I know they're not at fault - especially since if you add the albums from within the playlist, it orders them correctly.

    Are these problems HTC's or Androids responsibility? It's difficult to tell if the player itself is a Sense app or native Android one with Sense mods since the Desire is my first foray into the Android OS.

    I've tried almost every other highly rated free player in the market - MixZing, Museek, Vanilla, MortPlayer, Meridian, Cubed and they all either share some of the above behaviour or are just plain ugly and/or counter-intuitive.

    The actual look/function of the built-in Music player is clean, simple and running in native resolution with no silly coverflow/3D effects - just regular browsing which I like, together with the excellent iPod Touch/iPhone-esque "drag/drop to reorder songs" feature, and I love the lockscreen widget (although its response time is sluggish to say the least when pausing a track).

    The only other player I've found that allows proper enqueuing (it even gives the choice to append to the end or insert into the middle - thumbs up) and correct album/artist browsing and track ordering is Museek, but its interface is frankly pretty ugly and simply not as clean/efficient as the Desire's own - plus it lacks the lock-screen widget.

    Does anyone know of any other (if only there were an Android version of IMO the very best Linux-based player - Amarok v1.4), or if there are rumblings of any of these "features" of the Desire's player being fixed?

    Who should I be reporting to for bugfixes/feature requests (Android or HTC)?



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