build.prop file?


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Hello you all:

I'm not exactly a noob and i do know a few things about smartphones and am now learning about the dev side.

I have an AT&T LG P506 Thrive (don't laugh, it's rooted) running Froyo 2.2.1. and just want to know if anyone can explain, in detail, what the build.prop file for in the /system folder.

Thanks very much in advance.


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Hmm. Not quite sure. It looks like people edit it to make netflix work though.

Okay, it says it contains system parameters read during boot.

Sorry, that's not quite 'detail', but ... eh.


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Yeah, that's one of the uses. There are a whole lot of lines of instructions in that file though. Thanks anyway.


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What it says ."Build properties "
It can be used for variety of purposes though
from simple change in phone names,languages ,region to trick market
to changing the LCD density ,dalvik vm heap size ,modify cam properties of phone .
Also custom UI's like Timescape can be used in phone by modifying the build.prop .
Different phones have different build.prop . :D
There is no manual of build.prop .Just gut feeling I guess :p .

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I know first hand if you edit it wrong you will get a phone that will boot, but won't really be useful in any way.