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Build.prop issue

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Ballaplaya1791, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Ballaplaya1791

    Thread Starter

    I'll make the story short:
    I have a Samsung Admire from Metro PCS... rooted.
    I used Volume+ to turn up in-call volume... it required modification of the build.prop, so I allowed it, and since volume+ also had an option to backup the build.prop, i did just that. I then continued with having volume+ apply the in-call volume modification to the build.prop, restarted the phone, and all the phone does now when I turn it on is vibrate randomly with a black screen.

    I don't know what to do... I tried looking into ADB but it looks like I have to enable USB debugging FROM the phone itself to replace the build.prop.

    Can anyone help, I've been searching the internet for 5 hours trying different methods but I've yet to come to a solution...
    If there's no way around this... would anyone atleast know if I can backup the most data possible from my phone.

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  2. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy

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    I'm assuming you don't have a backup of your phone from when you rooted originally? If not, it's ok. You might be able to get away with flashing a new ROM and getting your data back. There are a few ROMs listed in the All Things Root guide that you can use. As well as instructions on getting it going.


    Backups (specifically NANDroids done in recovery) are very important :)
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  3. aboatright

    aboatright Android Expert

    it might be possible to simply extract a build prop from a rom and insert it into the system folder of a gapps flash and flash the new gapps with the attached build prop thereby getting a new build prop without flashing a whole new rom..yes..no...maybe...could work....ive added apps and what not to my existing rom by adding the ????? into a gapps.zip with a generic UOT script to extract package "system"
  4. exile1975

    exile1975 Well-Known Member

    As a last resort you could always use Odin
  5. Ballaplaya1791

    Thread Starter

    Thanks everybody, I ended up using Odin to restore to stock and worked perfectly. For now on I'll be using Titanium Backup though lol Just in case.

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