Root Building kernel for spectrum


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Wouldnt it be possible to use one of these sources to build a kernel?

i know it says for mako (nexus 4) only i thought it could be any qualcomm device
or can we only use lg kernel sources from scrach

Doubt it. There's ALOT of hacks in the LG source for the iproj devices.

Actually, there's a lot of hacks for most devices. For the most part... the only things that can be built directly from googlesource are galaxy devices.


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Well, that's not entirely true. You could build it, but you would need to manually merge every single needed driver for the Spectrum into the source code. Case in point, the lucid devs merged all their needed drivers into our modified iproj code to get a functional kernel and I believe TDM did similar hacks to get the Spectrum working with the original iproj code. Then you'd also be fighting any possible glitches as Yoinx said about LG having their own personal hacks in the code. It would be wonky as all hell, which is probably why TDM isn't having all the much luck getting his 3.4 kernel up and running yet.


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Yeah you need a lot of hardware knowledge and preferably hardware diagnostics to do that. Just getting the lu6200/su640/p930 sources modified for vs920 is hard enough.