Jul 3, 2017
In Windows 10 on my desktop computer, I have set up a large number of autocorrect definitions in Microsoft Word. So, for instance, if I type "fi" the computer replaces that with "for instance." I am able to copy the MSO1033.acl file containing these definitions to other computers. With effort, I have also managed to import those definitions into other desktop word processing (WP) software (e.g., LibreOffice).

In Android, I see that there are WP apps with autocorrect capabilities (e.g., Google Docs, WPS Office). Unfortunately, there does not seem to be anything like the MSO1033.acl file. Instead, these apps seem to require the user to enter autocorrect definitions manually. For users with thousands of autocorrect definitions, that would be a chore.

Ideally, I would be able to delete any existing autocorrect definitions provided with the app. For me, unfamiliar definitions tend to cause more problems than they solve.

Is there a way to bulk-import autocorrect definitions into any WP apps running on mobile Android devices?
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Raywood, I'm sorry to say, but I believe this feature is not available for any word processing application for Android...
If someone in these forums may have the information you seek, hopefully they will reply to this thread...