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Hi all,

I have an aggravating issue. I recently bumped photos with an iPhone, which were received just fine. The problem is that I cannot seem to save the photos. I can find them within the bump app, but I do not see a 'save pic' option.

Also, from a previous bump from an android, there is a "bump" pic folder in my gallery but the recently bumped photos do not show up.

Any help is appreciated!


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You know, this is my hobby, answering questions, but I think the Forum should not give you access until you at least have listed what phone/tablet you have. (not meaning to be bitchy, just saying.)
What device are you working with?


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Go to your SD card and see if you can find themsomewhere in the following location
\sdcard\data\bump\* In the subfolders. Sorry I can't more specific. I have since deleted the folders until the next time I use Bump it will create them again.