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Bus Calendar Pro/Bus Tasks & Google Calendar

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Luke Drillbrain, Oct 10, 2014.

  1. Luke Drillbrain

    Thread Starter

    I moved on from the default calendar app to Business Calendar Pro, which has more features. One of the things it offered was the ability to integrate tasks within the calendar. Cool deal. However, I would create a task just fine on my phone, but it would not show up in Google Calendar. Turns out there's this thing called Google Tasks. Who knew? I would have prefered tasks to be integrated into Google Calendar.

    Here's the other rub. I've been using a calendar and task program on my Kubuntu Linux PC named KOrganizer. I've been keeping it in sync with my phone and Google Calendar by exporting an ics file from Google Calendar. However, when I do that, all my appointments appear in KOrganizer, but my tasks don't. Do I need to export them from Google Tasks somehow? In Google Tasks, I'm not seeing a way to export to a file such as an ics. Google Tasks do sync up with my phone when I run the sync command from Business Tasks.

    So the goal is to get these tasks into KOrganizer. Exporting an ics file from Google Calendar is working for my appointments, but not the tasks. There's supposed to be some way of syncing KOrganizer with a tool known as the KDE Wallet, but importing the ics file was working so well that I hadn't gone that route. Does anyone know?

    Also, it would be better to see my Google Tasks and Google Calendar integrated together. Is there some way to do this?

    Edit: I figured out how to integrate the tasks into Google Calendar from a nice video here:
    I still need to figure out how to get everything, including tasks, into KOrganizer.

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