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Buy apps from a "foreign" country

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by rexall, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. rexall

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    Jul 22, 2010

    Jul 22, 2010
    You can by apps from Android Market if you live in a "foreign" country.

    Hi All,

    I am an American expat laving in Thailand. After I recently got my HTC Legend, I was annoyed to discover that I don't have access to the paid apps on Android Market from Thailand. I can download the free ones, but not the paid ones. I guess there are a lot of others living in countries that do not have access.

    However, I solved the problem by buying a UK SIM card from a seller on eBay for $10, delivered. It arrived in just one week. I popped out my regular SIM card, inserted the new one. I can't make calls, of course (unless I go to the UK!), but I can connect to the Android Market via WiFi, and the system obviously reads my SIM card and thinks I am in the UK. Viola! I got access to the paid apps. Bought one just to prove a point, paid for it, downloaded it, and it works fine!

    I don't have the short list handy of which countries can access the paid apps, but I assume that SIMS from the U.S. and the handfull of other countries would work just as well.

    Just in case anyone else out there is as nuts as I am to spend $10 bucks for the privilege of spending more money! :D




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