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Buy Galaxy ace?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Brython, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. Brython

    Brython Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi guys

    I am totally new to the world of Android but I do am considering buying the Galaxy Ace. However I have some questions about the phone because I read tons of bad reviews and don't know if this phone meets my requirements... Hope you can help me.

    What I'm looking for?

    - Touchscreen mobile phone
    - I prefer Samsung (currently have a Samsung star 1 and yes it is v

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  2. squeakyg

    squeakyg Newbie

    Smartphone users simply get used to the concept of putting their phone on a charger every night. You'd throw your phone on a desk when you get home... smartphone users stick theirs on a charger.

    You can get more than a day out of an Android phone if you're only texting and making calls, perhaps two days or more. But the battery drops quite rapidly when you're playing games, watching video, recording video, using GPS, etc.

    The Galaxy Ace in particular has a slightly disappointing battery. I'm not completely happy with the battery compared to previous Android phones. If battery life really is your biggest concern you should probably research which Android phone in your price range has a reputation for a great battery.

    The Galaxy Ace that I got from Phones4u (with Android 2.3.3) has ThinkFree Office installed which can read PDFs.
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  3. Brython

    Brython Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for your reply man!

    So which phone do you suggest? HTC Wildfire (although it looks damn ugly :p)?

    But if I just use for intensive texting (and sometimes calling) I should be able to get 2 days of battery?

    Oh and I was also wondering, if there's anyone who has the 1500mAh battery? Is it a good purchase or doesn't it add much battery life? I compared many smartphones in the same price range and none of them seems to have a better battery life than the Ace... So I'm still really into this phone.
  4. wearethestorm

    wearethestorm Member

    I reckon you'll definitely get two days of battery life out of it.

    I generally charge mine every other day, only daily if I've got carried away playing a game or going on the internet. Occasional facebook, plus texts and calls and you should be fine.
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  5. Brython

    Brython Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks, appreciated!

    With a battery life of 2 days, I might be able to get over the fact that I wasn't sure about Android :p
  6. Unhyper

    Unhyper Lurker

    If you only need Internet access occasionally when you check Facebook, keep the connection off when you're not using it. You can use the drop-down notification menu (slide down from the top edge) to quickly turn it off. Keep Wifi, 3G, Bluetooth and particularly GPS off when you don't specifically need them. When you do check Facebook, use the Facebook For Android app, as it seems to be light on the resources and I personally have found it much better than browsing FB through Opera Mobile or the somewhat lackluster default browser.

    If you send and receive a lot of texts then set the display lighting to the dimmest possible setting (which I personally find to be quite sufficiently lit) to save quite a bit of battery. Also set the phone to automatically turn off the screen in a very short amount of idling (as opposed to a minute or two).

    I'm wary of making any promises as to what kind of battery mileage you're going to get, because it depends on usage, settings, and also how strong the network coverage is where you roam. I use 3G mobile broadband on my phone and I keep it on 24/7 so that I immediately get push alerts for new email etc. I also use Spotify to stream music over the same 3G connection and listen to it for a couple of hours straight each day. This is in addition to getting and making a few calls and sending a couple of texts, and a bit of Googling now and then, and checking FB. I have to charge the battery every night, and sometimes I use the car charger if need be during the day. This is with a constant day-long Internet connection, so I would expect you could hit two days without charging if your use is as light as you say, and if you take a bit of time to turn off everything you don't absolutely need.

    Myself, I am a bit disappointed with the battery performance, but it's just a fact of life with smartphones, and the features and functionality for the price are amazing with Galaxy Ace...
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  7. Brython

    Brython Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks a lot guys! Your replies are very helpful.

    Well indeed, I'm not a hard user of the internet software. I just need to be able to go on wifi/internet occasionally when I have to check a mail or my schoolhours, ... So I really do not intend leaving the internet on all the time :)
  8. Braxos

    Braxos Well-Known Member

    Check galaxy R a lite version of S2. If it fits on your budget. I had my for 3 months, no flash player, gaging on screen switches, CPU lagging and so on. Even his size, display is ok, for daily simple uses. You have to play slot with firmwares and Odin to get a nice working, caught caught, stock ROM. Hahahaha. And ram ROM are to small to be on such smartphone.

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