Oct 9, 2010

Has anybody ordered form these and recieved the phone. I am considering going with them and cancelling my MPD order. I have seen a few posts of people placing orders but none of them actually recieving them. So has anybody got one from them or does anybody know if the have stock

Cheers Spud
Myself and a couple of people have ordered from mobiles.co.uk and all received next day. Although we have all had problems. My phone had no battery, one phone froze on start up and another would go black screen in calls and not recover. All problems sorted quickly though. Although it takes upto an hour to get hold of them on the phone.
I did originally order through these but due to there stock continuously saying "Stock Due Soon" and receiving emails every 2 days saying they are waiting to get them in stock and they will process the order as soon as they get them "In Stock".

Cancelled after waiting a week (Ordered 14th Oct)

Ordered from e2save on 27th and got it on 29th (due to me ordering late at night)
And saved a lot more money going through e2save aswell ;)
Ended up ordering with mobiles.co.uk on orange. Hopefully it will come tomorrow.

Got a text about 6.30pm saying the phone is out of stock
Had a look on e2save and it says there out of stock and stock expected in 7-14 days

What contract did you get with e2save
tmobile are struggling to get stock to there complaints dept, (cant pick it up instore as its a swap what utter crap!) been told htc have little supply so can imagine that most people are struggling to get there hands on them.