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Buy now or wait?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Viperlx, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Viperlx

    Viperlx Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I need to buy a new phone for international use since my thunderbolt will not do it. I really like the Galaxy S3 because of the amount of development community behind it. Here is my issue, should I buy now or wait for the next version to come out?

    There is always new phones coming out but no phone on android has been as popular as G3.

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  2. silentwitness

    silentwitness Android Expert

    thats a very relative question they say the GS4 will be out march of next year but who knows. Its basically up to u if u want to wait and see or pick up the s3. I currently have the international S3 with the quad core and love it(will definitely update to s4 when it comes).
  3. jgscott987

    jgscott987 Member

    Word is that the S4 is going to be even bigger than the S3. That would be too big in my opinion. Just a wild guess, but I'll bet that the S4 won't be as popular as the S3 has been.

    I'd go ahead and pull the trigger.
  4. Rdjr74

    Rdjr74 Android Enthusiast

    It's a great phone. You'll be more then impressed with it and it's capabilites. A quad core is the Only thing out there that I would think twice if I had the option but I'm on Verizon so I can't get the quad. Great thing is the s3 comes with a quad on the gsm so you have the best of both worlds with this phone. Go for it.
  5. ADRz

    ADRz Member

    Yes, the rumors are that it would be somewhere between 4.9 - 5 inches. This is a very small increase and it can be accomplished by making the screen larger within the current dimensions of the phone. It does not have to become too large (although this is a subjective evaluation). The rumors are that it would have a quad-core processor running at about 25% higher speeds than the current dual-core processor (US, LTE). However, these minor adjustments are not going to be very definitive. What would, for me, be a more substantive advantage are the following:

    (a) a 1080p resolution screen
    (b) a brighter screen in sunlight
    (c) the rumored 13 mpx camera (the megapixels are not important, the quality of the camera is)
    (d) a beefier and long-lasting battery

    However, it is important to note that one does not have to wait for the S4 to get most of these. The current HTC Droid DNA (or One X+) has most of these. In many ways, the S4 would simply playing catch up with these phones.
  6. andrejhoward

    andrejhoward Newbie

    Just buy it. Everyone always asks "Should I wait" By the time the S4 rolls around it'll be the same question for "additional next big phone".

    S3 is a great phone, pull the trigger and join the rest of us happy users. :)
  7. cassatta

    cassatta Newbie

    I fully agree!
    Remember: if you always wait for another new model, you have nothing!;)

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