Buy Sprint phone now or wait?


I'm in the market for a Sprint Android phone (adding a line to parents' family plan) and I'm wondering if I should snag one now or wait awhile. I know Sprint will start moving over to LTE late this year, but I don't really want to wait that long. My main concern right now is being able to upgrade to ICS in the future. Has anything been said about these phones getting it and what do you think I should go with given the price points (from Amazon)?

HTC Evo 4G - $10
Motrolla Photon - $50
Samsung Galaxy SII - $80


My 2¢ says to buy an inexpensive phone off-contract until something concrete comes along w/ICS already on it.
There is no one here that can say w/100% certainty when any of SPRINT'S current line-up of phones will be upgraded.
The only phone that is almost a lock to get ICS w/SPRINT is the NEXUS S.The others,probably at some time down the road,w/the OG EVO being the least likely out of those you asked about.

Your other option is to pick a phone w/a lot of after-market developer support & wait til a stable,but unofficial(CYANOGENMOD) ICS ROM is available for it.

As you stated,4G LTE is around the corner,I wouldn't lock-in to a high-dollar phone on-contract @ this time.

Either of the above options seems to make the most sense to me,JMHO.

BTW,the MO PHO is an excellent phone that I plan on hanging on to for quite a long time.
W/all the docking & webtop options available,it is as close to future-proofing a phone as you'll find anywhere.
Sprint already said the newer 4G phones will continue to be supported for another 2-3 years. Why do ou need ICS so soon? Have you used it yet? Really nothing ground breaking anyone needs on their phone right now unless you just can't live without ability to resize widgets. I believe you can do that with Go launcher anyways.