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Buyer Beware and Social Media from Verizon

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by Shurple, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. Shurple

    Shurple Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Verizon is posting on their Facebook page they have this GREAT deal:

    "Save on the latest Droids and Tablets. Get a certified pre-owned Droid Charge by Samsung for $169.99! Plus, take advantage of our limited time trade in offer to get a gift card worth at least $100"

    First of all I bought my Samsung Droid Charge BRAND NEW for $129.99. They're selling USED ones for $169.99?! When I asked about that, they deleted my post. I re posted and they deleted it. Now it's become a post/delete match with their social media moron manager over there.

    They refuse to comment on why they're doing this, and I refuse to go away.

    Anyway, please note that the Samsung Droid Charge that they're selling is USED and was returned for MANY problems. If you REALLY want a Charge, you don't need a headache and you don't need to spend a lot for it. Buyer beware.

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  2. primetime

    primetime Guest

    Where did you get a brand new Charge for 129.99? They have been 299.99 since they were launched. Even if you had a $100 NE2 which nobody does that's still 199.99. So buying a CPO Charge for 169.99 isn't such a bad deal is it? They still have a year warranty and still can get insurance on them. And just because it was used doesn't mean it was returned for having issues with it. Seems your whole post is a little bogus.
  3. Shurple

    Shurple Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I guess you didn't do research. Amazon Wireless' Verizon Store. And having had 3 of them I can tell you the phone is crap.

    Have a nice day mr nice guy
  4. primetime

    primetime Guest

    okay so you bought a phone from a 3rd party which can sell them for whatever cost they want, some people prefer to buy phones directly thru VZW so you getting upset with VZW over what they charge for the phone is stupid.
  5. moondrius

    moondrius Android Enthusiast

    I would rather buy a phone from a third party for less them get someones broken refurb phone from Verizon. Maybe if Verizon actually made sure that the phones were working and were actually refurbished before they were sent out it would not be a big deal. I can't tell you how many messed up phones I have gotten from Verizon through the CLN program. I think free with a 2 year contract is too expensive for a refurb from them.
  6. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time...

    Per the Site Rules/Guidelines thread in the Introductions forum we all need to treat others on the forum with respect. Calling someone a troll is disrespectful. As such it violates the AF Site Rules/Guidelines and forces us to act accordingly.


    Please consider this a public service announcement by yours truly! :D

    You may now continue your calm and logical discussion regarding Big Red... ;)
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  7. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Android Expert

    I've got a CLN Incredible2 that's been flawless going on 4 months. Not all of the phones in the CLN program are returned due to defect. The phones that are returned during the 14 day trial period are also used in the CLN program.

    The point is all ways to get a phone have their pros & cons.

    Verizon pros: warranty handled by Verizon, ability to change your plan at any time. Verizon cons: price.

    Third party pros: price. Third party cons: warranty handled by third party for the first 30 days, you are not able to make any changes to you plan for the first 6 months of your contract without incurring a equipment recovery charge ($250).

    With the CLN you get a better price but run the possibility of blemishes or other defects. But you can exchange the device if the defect is serious. It's really no different than buying anything refurbished or "scratch & dent". Depending on the company, the product may go through a checkup to make sure that it is in working order. Even if Verizon may not be as thorough as others, you get a 12 month warranty with CLN phones, which is a lot more than you get with most refurbed products.
  8. Jman42028

    Jman42028 Well-Known Member

    amazon sells them cheap because of the extra contract you have to sign with them. Doesn't make you any better because you signed an extra contract and got a phone on the cheap.

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