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Buyer Beware! Lousy VM Customer Service

Discussion in 'Virgin Mobile' started by PapayaMoo, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. PapayaMoo

    PapayaMoo Member
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    Nov 20, 2011
    I have recently decided to try VM and bought one of their Android phones. Knowing ahead of time that the service could be spotty, I had hoped for the best. After spending the weekend with it, I decided that it wasn't for me and so a little while ago I call VM to cancel my service and to return my phone. The phone return process was painless and easy (at least for getting the RA #, we'll see if they give me a hard time once they receive it.) Then I was transferred to the cancellation department and that's where the poor customer service came into play.

    So first of all, in order to get a refund for service, you're only allow 15 minutes of talk time (which I did not know and could not find this in write just skimming the TSA.) Turns out that I use 27 minutes so I was on the hook for the $35 I sign up for. Fine, so I used the phone and even though I thought VM was unreasonably stringent but I'm willing to eat the $35 since I did use the phone. But here's the kicker. When I deposited the money for the account I had put in $50. So I ask the service rep, can I please have the balance of my account refund back to me? And the answer was "NO"! Without making fun of the overseas call centers but the guy who was helping me just couldn't explain to me why I can't have my $15 back. So I ask to speak to his supervisor, hoping for more cooperation. That's when I was transferred to "Mary".

    "Mary" is obvious accustomed to dealing with frustrated customers but not in a good way. Basically, her standard line is "sorry but this is company policy". I ask for alternatives about how to get my money back and the only option was to spend it at VirginMobile.com. I could make long-distance calls, buy ring tones and etc. all on a phone I'm about to pack up and send by for refund. I told her this didn't make any sense and she just goes back to the "company policy" line. Finally, I was her to transfer me to her supervisor and was told she cannot do that. I ask her to show me where in the TSA that I'm limited to 15 minutes before becoming ineligible for refund and SHE CANNOT SHOW ME. Mary just kept referring me to the TSA document but she couldn't tell me where's the section on cancellation and refunds. Finally, she lost her patience and she just HUNG-UP on me!

    With no other options to explore, I went to the BBB and filed a complain. Next, I'm here posting this message so everyone will be aware of the lousy service VM customer service provides and ask you to be careful before you decide to hand over your hard earn cash over to this low quality company. Thanks for your time.


  2. MacFett

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    Mar 28, 2011
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    Sietch Tabr
    If you paid the $50 by credit card you can contact your bank and decline the charge. They are usually pretty willing to help with customer satisfaction issues.

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