Buying my first android-Galaxy note 10.1 GT-N8010

Hi everyone,

Tomorrow i'm buying my first android product. The one named above. Im buying it second hand but in excellent condition apparently (I will confirm when i pick it up)

Im very excited. Just a few questions...

1) The first thing i want to make sure is its not rooted as he has a shop receipt in warranty and im scared with buying 2nd hand products that something will be wrong that i cant see on a 1st glance and then once i have got it home its too late. Can you offer any advice on when i go to collect what to look out for?

2) i have a portable harddrive (usb) that i store all my movies on) can i plug this into it whilst the device is charging somehow?

Thanks in advance


I would like to know the answer about charging while attached too. I have one I bought a couple months ago and LOVE it a lot. But the USB plug attaches the same place the charger does.


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For #2: Not that I am aware of.

The external HDD does require an external power source in order to work. It will not work on its own with Note 10.1 and USB OTG.

Edit: For #1, you can check if it's official by going into Settings>About device>Status.
Under 'Device status' it should say 'Official'.

You can also power down the device and go into Download Mode. This should give you info on whether the device is currently running a custom ROM or rooted.

On mine it says:
CURRENT BINARY: Samsung Official

However, the user could still have rooted and flashed a custom ROM on it previous to selling it and simply restored it back to an Official Stock ROM and reset the flash counter. Another possibility is flashing another official ROM onto the Note 10.1 (like a German ROM on another region model). In which case you can't be certain.


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You should check the battery condition somehow... maybe playing it for awhile, play some game etc. and check the battery level before and after. if it doesnt change dramatically, then it might be in a good condition. you see the battery level when you tap the right lower corner. it opens the small screen and you see battery and procent next to it. when you buy a second hand device, the condition of battery is something to check. and when playing with it, you may see possible problems with hardware. just turn it off and on, check the startin and how it is working.. hopefully it is resetted to factory defaults...

check the screen also, change the brightness from minimum to maximum.

idont know... it always hard with devices, you never know...


I have a thought about the usb thing. what if you hook up a usb splitter to the usb dongle & connect one side to a usb charger and the other side to a usb charger? you'd need a usb cable with 2 male ends (I don't have one myself) but wondering if that would allow to charge and use a usb device at the same time?