Buying Rezound on Amazon Wireless



I'm on a family plan getting ready to buy a Rezound on Amazon, but I have a question. We are going to upgrade two of the three phones on contract. and I was curious what this does to the contract. Does the new extended contract cover all the phones, or will the un-upgraded phone need a new contract when the contract expires in March? The plan was to get these two phones, then buy outright a phone later if need be, and I just needed to know if this would make it so there are two different end dates for the contracts (say 12/13 for the 2 Rezounds, and 6/14 for the line that hasn't been upgraded yet)?



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yes i believe that is correct. Although you may want to call and ask VZW to be sure.

As a side note just know that if you buy the phones from Amazon Wireless and you have a problem with the phone you have to go through them and not VZW i believe. In other words you wouldn't be able to take the phone into a local Corp VZW store for hardware issues.