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Buying: Suggestion On A Tablet PC

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by CyronDnB, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. CyronDnB

    CyronDnB Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I am looking for a cheap tablet but with a good specification running on Android 4.0, with a 1GHz+ processor and with 1GB+ RAM. The tablet needs to run smoothly and be very fast and quick. Please tell me some models that suit this?

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  2. Rusty

    Rusty Android Expert

  3. gwmtek

    gwmtek Lurker

    How much are you looking to spend?
    Do you require 3G or will just WIFI suffice?
  4. bobadopalis

    bobadopalis Newbie

  5. imnotmikal

    imnotmikal Android Expert

    I highly recommend the Velocity Micro Cruz T510.
    Although our earlier tablets have tarnished our name, I have first hand experience with the 500 series, and I know you will not be disappointed.

    Velocity Micro | T510

    1.2 GHz Cortex A8
    Android 4.0.4
    Front/Rear Cameras
    Dual Mali-400 2D/3D Core
    1GB DDR3 RAM
    8GB Internal, with mSD slot

  6. GenMasterB

    GenMasterB Lurker

    You are right about earlier tablets tarnishing your name. my 1st tablet was the Velocity Micro R103 and that was the biggest POS I ever touched.. it broke twice and the 2nd time I refused to return it.. damn thing wasnt worth postage.. I just threw it away.. never again will I buy a VM anything.. and your support crew could care less, so I knew I was thru with them as a company.
  7. ckavvouras

    ckavvouras Newbie

    I know this tread is kind of old but would seriously consider a nexus 7 the thing is pretty fast very very smooth and polished the only thing i really don't like is the bezel is pretty wide but other then that its 100% win imo

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