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Buzz Buster - Android's first sophisticated selective silencer!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by jeff.mocini, Feb 18, 2011.

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    Feb 17, 2011

    Feb 17, 2011
    Hello everyone. I'm Jeff Mocini from Mocini Applications, LLC and I am here to present you an app that I recommend that college students and singles should have. I was drunk dialed 5 times in one night last summer while I was sleeping by this one girl I was seeing for a while. I was very aggravated since I had to work very early the following morning.

    I was so cranky the next day that I was determined to find a solution "app" for this problem. However, I couldn't find any app I liked that would keep my ignored contacts "honest", which means that they wouldn't know that I was ignoring them. Therefore, I went my own way and made Buzz Buster, in which I feel is the best selective silencing app out there. I still get the phone calls and text messages, so I know who is trying to contact me, but without all the hassle of being awakened when I'm sleeping, interrupted when I'm working, or if I was out with friends.

    I feel the best part of Buzz Buster is not having to worry when to control the selective silencer manually, as I have made it to turn on automatically at a specified time and turn off at another specified time. It is also nice to not worry about telemarketers disturbing me either during inconvenient times. :)

    I hope you will find my app very useful, as I have made it so that nobody else has to go through what I had to go through one night last summer. Think of a situation that you could use Buzz Buster for and give it a try. It is only 99 cents (cheaper than most songs from iTunes!) and I look to enhance Buzz Buster in the near future. Please leave me feedback!


    Are you tired of annoying phone calls and text messages sent to your phone during a given time of day? The given times of day vary between different people, such as one's sleeping hours, one's work schedule, or one's vacation. We all need relief from these calls and messages, as they can cause one stress and discomfort.

    Buzz Buster is the first Android app of its kind for sophisticated selective silencing! You now have the power to specify which phone calls and SMS messages ring and/or vibrate, and which ones to silence! Not only does Buzz Buster silence contacts in your address book, but you also have the power to silence unrecognizable numbers as well! Best of all, the people who call or text you during your inconvenient times will not know they are being silenced!

    Not only does Buzz Buster give you the ability to silence contacts in your address book, but you also have the power to silence unrecognizable numbers as well! We guarantee you that you will love this app, as it provides you with many uses for many different situations, such as:
    • Ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, or ex-spouses continuously contacting you for insignificant reasons
    • Friends who contact you at inconvenient times during a state of intoxication
    • Co-workers contacting you when you are on vacation
    • And more!

    -Buzz Buster requires Android 2.0 or higher.
    -Contacts synced from Facebook and Twitter cannot be recognized as regular contacts, as their policies do not allow third-party applications to access information synced from their services. These contacts will be recognized as unrecognizable numbers.





     - User-friendly interface that makes setting silenced contact lists and activation hours very easy
     - Customizable vibrate/volume settings for unsilenced contacts during activation hours
     - Option to turn silencer on/off at any time
     - Option to silence unrecognizable numbers

    A tutorial on Buzz Buster can be found here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qs9DGwhE6KM

    We are selling Buzz Buster at a very affordable price for all audiences, for $0.99! That's right, only 99 cents!

    Earn your piece of mind back and download Buzz Buster to your Android device!

    Mocini Applications, LLC
    Where quality goes smart.


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