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buzz sounding while car charging and listening to audio

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jdb, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. jdb

    jdb Member
    Thread Starter

    So I purchased a car charger mainly for the purpose of being able to listen to Slacker or my music while driving and being able to keep the screen on (to be able to take a peek at who is playing, etc.) Problem is, while the phone is charging, I get a very audible buzzing sound while I have my 3.5mm jack plugged in also. It is not the charger, my wife's does the same thing when I use it.

    Is there any sort of work around???

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  2. jcrip

    jcrip Lurker

    I have the same problem. But I have discovered that if your phone actually needs to charge, if like the battery is below 80%, then you won't get the buzzing noise. It only buzzes when the phone is fully charged or close to it.

    My charger is a rapid one, I don't know if that makes a differance.
  3. overcaffein8d

    overcaffein8d Well-Known Member


    I have the same problem. I've been using one of these, which are really excellent except for the fact that i get the same problem.

    I was actually going to buy a dedicated USB charger because i thought the problem would subside if I had a normal cigarette lighter USB charger. But i guess i'll save my money. It's probably some sort of electromagnetic interference that is happening because the electrons aren't being used to charge the battery.

    FYI, this problem happened both a) When the USB was plugged directly into the converter thingy, and b) when i plugged in the AC charger that came with the Droid.

    So for now, it's droid plugged into the nav, and iPod plugged into the stereo.

    Also, does anyone have this issue if they are Bluetoothing over to the stereo?

    Thanks in advance
  4. CRPercodani

    CRPercodani OFWGKTA

    I use my DROID over Bluetooth on my Hyundai Genesis and it works perfect. I have also done it in a Ford vehicle equipped with SYNC and it worked fine, wasn't chargin it in the Ford but in my Genesis I have been and don't get any type of buzzing/feedback. I can try it with the aux if someone wants to see if it is widespread.
  5. allanlaw

    allanlaw Android Enthusiast

    No buzzing here, but I'm using an official Moto charger (if it makes any difference), audio signal going into an FM transmitter or a casette adapter,
  6. Polymira

    Polymira Member

    I've been dealing with this issue for many years (with an ipod 4th gen, video, iphone, hero, and now droid). It's called a ground loop. Basically your car (like mine) has a poor ground for the cig lighter adapter. You have three options:

    Deal with it (what i've been doing ...)
    Pop open your dashboard and move the ground to the frame (what i'd like to do)
    Buy a ground loop isolator (google/amazon it).

  7. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert

    No need to have to "deal with it". Buy a GLI (ground loop isolator) cable and it should eliminate ALL of the hum. I don't buy many things at Radio Shack, but their GLI cable is a pretty good one. You'll have to buy some adapters, but it's worth it once all of the noise is gone.

    Here's another link from a vendor I've worked with in the past. It's $30, but you won't have to buy adapters.
  8. leftystrat

    leftystrat Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem with my Treo. Funky charger and/or negative interaction between car electronics and phone electronics.
  9. overcaffein8d

    overcaffein8d Well-Known Member

    do you think a common mode choke would do the trick? These are those round cylindrical things on some monitor, power (e.g. laptop), and usb cables.

    i'll look around the house for one and test it on both the power cord and the audio cord.

    EDIT: can't find one.
    ANOTHER EDIT: radio shack does have one for like $3 though, but i don't really know if RFI is the problem... a ground loop isn't really the same thing anyway
  10. overcaffein8d

    overcaffein8d Well-Known Member

    also, here's a link i found to build one.

    eBay has some for like $3, but i have a hunch that these are probably lousy. still, $3's a lot better than $30.

    and actually, i've heard of some people using a monster cable, and that eliminates the buzz just fine. i'll have to check that out too, but monster cables are $$$$
  11. dlrooney

    dlrooney Newbie

    I'm using a 3.5 aux cable to listen to music in the car. I have an aux port in my glove box however I noticed alot of buzz/hum when the volume is turned up loud. Thought it was a bad cable or connection at first and replaced the cable. Turns out, I get the feedback from the speakers (Only) when the motorola car charger is also plugged into the droid.
  12. overcaffein8d

    overcaffein8d Well-Known Member

  13. dlrooney

    dlrooney Newbie

    cool thanks. So did it eliminate most or all of the buzz/hum? I would rather go this route if it works well. I'm not sure I want to pull the stock head unit out of my benz and try and install the ground loop isolator. I would not even know where to begin..:eek:
  14. overcaffein8d

    overcaffein8d Well-Known Member

    All of it.
  15. dlrooney

    dlrooney Newbie

    great thanks. I'm gonna give it a shot :)
  16. thevictorchen

    thevictorchen Lurker

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