Bye Bye Eris!


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My HTC Eris is no more! Verizon upgraded me to the Motorola Droid and I could'nt be happier. The phone runs so much smoother and is alot faster!



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Thank you.

No money came out of my pocket. It took a couple days of talking to verizon tech support but thats about it.


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I upgraded to root and couldn't be happier with my sleek, fast ERIS. Just thought I'd share my experience too! :D

You say you could be happier...? Maybe if you went to the Droid forums where you belong?:p Just playin, just playin.

I still don't understand the "Bye Eris!" threads... See ya!


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It's better than just not showing up around here any more.

Of course, Frisco! I totally forgot about that source of anxiety for us... thank you so much for reminding me! ;)

Sorry... feeling cheeky this morning, lol.


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... feeling cheeky this morning, lol.

That's cool; I get the same way on occasion. ;)

Anyway, it's been pointed out by a mod or two in these parts that "goodbye threads" are ok as long as they aren't meant to cause, or don't morph into a this-device vs that-device war.

The member was saying adios, along with a strong hint as to where he'd be from now on, is the way I take the OP.