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bye bye samsung epic!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by viisign, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. viisign

    viisign Member
    Thread Starter

    I have left my epic in the dust for the samsung galaxy s3 in garnet red with at&t... I'm much happier with that phone and at&t service. i can actually watch youtube videos without my phone freezing...so nice! the epic is a piece of junk ever since they started coming out with the updates for that phone. oh ya , and sprints service is horrible! just thought i would post this. and thanks for everyones help with the epic. very useful tips in here about that phone. but now...i have moved on to bigger and better phones...lol

    R.I.P. samsung epic.

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  2. EpicMike

    EpicMike Newbie

    Well I love my Samsung Epic 4G (bugs and all), but once I can afford to get the Samsung Captivate Glide, I'll say goodbye to it, too. Seems like an upgraded version of the Epic 4G, especially with the dual-core processor.
  3. MannyrtFresh

    MannyrtFresh Well-Known Member

    Congrats on going with the samsung galaxy s3.. i made the same jump a week ago and dont regret it.. i too left sprint n went with verizon service.. way better service and this phone is 10x better than epic 4g..
  4. viisign

    viisign Member
    Thread Starter

    congrats on yourself as well! your 100% RIGHT this phone is extremely better! i can actually watch youtube videos without it freezing!! and get better coverage than sprint, im surprised!
  5. unclefishbits

    unclefishbits Newbie

    FYI - the ICS update was a disaster (twice) and Sprint won't support it, nor push it to phones anymore. If you reset to factory default and gingerbread, the phone goes back to being epic. Since I am giving info, anyone know if there are any s3 or new phones with slider keyboards?
  6. jasonacg

    jasonacg Well-Known Member

    I don't think there are any new sliders in the Samsung product line, at least not for Sprint. About six weeks ago, I replaced my Epic 4G with the Motorola Photon Q. It does have a slide-out keyboard, and a really nice one at that. ICS comes standard, with a high likelihood that this device will see 4.1 at some point. No WiMAX support, but it is ready for LTE, whenever your city gets turned on.

    If you're open to a non Samsung product, check it out.
  7. Maine Coon

    Maine Coon Android Expert

    Just received my new used Epic which I picked up for 50 bucks or so.
    Absolutely love it.
    Amazing screen.
    Rooted, installed AOPK ROM, couldn't be happier.

    Good luck w/your new phones !
  8. Epicurean

    Epicurean Android Enthusiast

    I went to the S3 a while, great phone! I still use my Epic as a media player for my stereo.
  9. V.Lee

    V.Lee Member

    Went from the Epic to a Nexus 4 after my brother, whose plan I was on, dropped Sprint. I'd figured I'd probably get an S3 when I found a good sale, but wasn't happy with any of the various individual plans. I ended up going with the T-Mobile $30 plan because I use so few minutes/month.

    I was very pleasantly surprised with how well the Nexus worked (and likely most new phones) compared to the Epic. I had no frame of reference with the Epic, which was my first smart phone. I love that the GPS actually works, and doesn't cause any nav apps to hang. It doesn't suddenly just hang, making me have to pull the battery. (Good thing since Nexus doesn't have a removable battery). The OS just seems to work better, like once I get to work, I get an automatic prompt on the status bar to log into the free wifi.

    OTOH, I've removed a lot of apps from the Epic now that it is not the primary phone, and the battery lasts for several days and nothing is hanging. It makes a really nice remote for my smart DVD player ;).

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