Bobby Freedom

Mar 20, 2022
:rolleyes:I need to be able to get my sms/photos/contacts of phone,but in apps that i tried so far people when they do connect a phone by data cable able to approve their data transfer option on the phone which in my case i am not able to do.
please help :rob:
Was the phone locked? But what you've said, I think you will need to get the screen replaced. Because if you do need to interact with the screen to enable data transfer, there's no other way around that.

A friend of mine did have the screen replaced on a Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, after the phone was dropped down a toilet. But the part had to be ordered in from Xiaomi, and took a few days.
Be wary of those apps that claim to be able to bypass lock screens and magically access a previously secured phone's internal storage. There are all those 'verified' user testimonies that they all have in their user comment reviews, and then there's reality.
Just to confirm, are you sure that this is an issue where it's just the display that's failed or damaged or whatever and not a matter where the phone itself has failed? How ware you determining that it's booting up normally in the background without being able to see what's happening?
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data sync was not on.
i am still connected by wifi,coz screen sometimes for milisecond can be on,but after cleaning with surgical spirit is very glitchy.