Help Bypassing the Activation Screen on a Droid X wipes the memory?


I know that you can bypass the activation screen on a Droid X by tapping all four corners from top left in a clockwise direction but does this need to be repeated every time the phone is turned on?

Also I read somewhere that when you turn it off after going through the activation screen the memory clears itself. Can anyone confirm this?



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Activation screen? You mean the screen where they ask you to put a Google account?

No, he means the activation screen to activate it with VZW. It's either a VZW thing or a DX thing, I'm not sure which as the DX was the only Android phone I had on VZW.

To hooperman: Moving to DX forum to hopefully get you a more specific answer.


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Usually the only time you see the activation screen is after a factory reset so all of that data would have been wiped before you got to that screen. Skipping activation does not wipe the memory.

I also don't think you would have to bypass every time you turn on your phone.