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C# on android

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by scriptbunny, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. scriptbunny

    scriptbunny Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Is it possible?

  2. mkeath

    mkeath Well-Known Member

    Only if someone made a C# to Java bytecode compiler. Short answer is no.
  3. seigex

    seigex Android Enthusiast

    or microsoft released a .net library for linux and an elf compiler :) ok so you're right.. aint gonna happen
  4. someguymms

    someguymms Lurker

  5. gilangb89

    gilangb89 Newbie

    woot! that's a relief, since i'm used to .NET :)
  6. caustic

    caustic Guest

    It's pretty amazing all of the sudden effort that's being paid to Android from all these sources.
  7. mkeath

    mkeath Well-Known Member

    Is it translated into Dalvik bytecode or what?
  8. sambocrockett

    sambocrockett Newbie

    who knows.....but I seriously hope that the small games i made in xna will be able to be ported some how into android.....that would be awesome :)
  9. Scottmc

    Scottmc Member

    Here's an open source mono implementation: koush's androidmono at master - GitHub. I haven't gotten it on the phone yet as I ran into problems with building the NDK (hence why I came to these boards today). I'm not sure about any details of whether it works side by side with Dalvik or not, but I'm assuming it does since you don't have to root your phone to use it.
  10. Jmmma53

    Jmmma53 Lurker

    The mono team has a website up for monodroid beta sign-ups

  11. scottd1978

    scottd1978 Lurker

    I've been using the monodroid demo for development, but the emulator is EXTREMELY slow with monodroid as opposed to straight Java. I'm trying to figure out a way to deploy the app to my phone before purchasing the monodroid software because I don't want to shell out 400 bucks if it's going to be this slow on a normal phone.

    I've been able to make significantly faster development progress in c# though.
  12. thiagocosta85

    thiagocosta85 Lurker

    Yes, you can use c# to program for android...
    You can use either Visual Studio, or Mono ...

    These are the files you need:

    jdk-6u25-windows-x64.exe <<< for 64 bits OS
    jdk-6u25-windows.exe <<<for 32 bits OS
    installer_r10-windows.exe <<< Android SDK and AVD manager

    And you should be good to go :D

    Have fun, happy programming lol.

    Here is a link for you in case you get stuck...

    I am making a remote keylogger for it as we speak ... but I am setting it up to work thru .txt upload to http every 10 minutes :D AHAHAHAHAHAH lol and I made it boot at startup too.

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