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calendar: cant shedule "every other week"

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PriddyShiddy, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. PriddyShiddy

    PriddyShiddy Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I had flip phones in the 90s that could schedule appointments for... PAY DAY every other Friday but I can't figure out how to do it on the Evo... WTF?

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  2. mkampy

    mkampy Android Enthusiast

    I have it in my EVO, although it is a product of Google Calendars...
  3. Braaainz

    Braaainz Android Enthusiast

    Easy enough.

    Schedule "PAYDAY" and set it to repeat once a month. Then copy the event, post it two weeks later and select it to repeat once a month also. Problem solved.

    Don't forget to thank me ;)
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  4. xuohtx

    xuohtx Newbie

    That's a great idea Braaainz, I see that is not just a clever name.
  5. NicksGarage

    NicksGarage Android Enthusiast

    That won't exactly work right because not all months have 4 weeks.

    The better way is to do it on the Google Calendar from your computer. It will let you do the every other week thing and when it syncs up with the phone it will be there that way. You just can't edit it on the phone. It's a weird thing with the calendar.

    I actually do it a third way. I have my Outlook 2007 calendar synching up with Google, I put the event on my computer calendar which then syncs up with the online calendar and the phone. Same thing, you can set up odd recurring events that you couldn't on the phone and they just work on the phone when they are synched up.
  6. PriddyShiddy

    PriddyShiddy Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the Ideas, but posting "every month" doesnt work... but thanks;)

    The options are "every thirteenth day of the month" or "second Friday" neither work for every other week.

    I need to be able to edit it because the whole goal is to have my bills in there to know what I've paid... I'm missing my iPhone calendar!
  7. NicksGarage

    NicksGarage Android Enthusiast

    When I said you couldn't edit the event on the phone, I should have said you can't edit the recurrence on the phone. You can also still edit the events on the phone, just not the recurrence. You can edit them on the Google calendar online. I know it's not ideal but it's what we got.

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