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Calendar entries made on phone don't sync to O365 on laptop

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Judith H, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. Judith H

    Judith H Lurker
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    I have just recently moved from iphone to a Samsung and am still in that painful transition phase where nothing works and what used to be a simple task is now seemingly impossible, so I'm hoping that someone will know how to resolve one of the issues I'm having.

    I have 3 email addresses that I want on my phone - O365, Yahoo and Gmail. On my iphone I just used their mail app and it was fine, and I also had Outlook for my work emails. I use my O365 for our family calendar so my husband and I have a synced calendar that we can both see on our phones.

    My husband already has a galaxy fold and he just uses outlook for all his emails and calendar. However I cannot get it to work properly at all.
    • I tried the samsung mail app but it can't connect to our O365 calendar so that's not an option.
    • All personal emails are set up in outlook and I can send/receive emails ok.
    • I've got the O365 calendar turned on but removed the ticks from all other calendars.
    • If I add a calendar item on my laptop in outlook then it appears on my phone.
    • If I add a calendar item on my phone, it doesn't appear on my laptop and when I go into the calendar entry, it appears to be in a yahoo calendar, despite the fact I turned that off.
    I can't work out which of the settings I need to change because compared to iphone, there just seem to be so many different places to edit settings.....VERY confusing!!!

    I also can't create a recurring appointment on my phone in outlook. There doesn't seem to be any option in the app to set this up - am I missing something???

    If anyone can shed some light on this, I would be very grateful because I am literally tearing my hair out over this new phone...... thank you :)

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  2. Hadron

    Hadron Smoke me a kipper...
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    If your husband has a Fold and it works for him you should be able to use the same setup. So the question is "what is different?", which unfortunately isn't easy to work out remotely.

    In general all of the relevant settings should be in one of 2 places: the settings for the calendar app (which I guess is Outlook from your comments) and the settings for the Outlook account (which you should be able to find in the "accounts" section of the phone's settings - if there isn't one then it sounds like the Outlook app is as restricted as it was last time I used it).

    Unfortunately I don't use either the Outlook app or a Samsung phone (Samsung change the menus to their own style) so it's hard for me to guess details. I would look at the calendar app's settings, find the settings for events and see which account is set as the default for creating new events. My guess is that that is set to the Yahoo account, in which case setting it to the Outlook account may be all that you need (or specifying the calendar each time you create a new event, but it's better to have a sensible default).

    You can sync other calendar apps with Outlook if you install an app that sets up the Outlook account as a general calendar account rather than something specific to the Outlook app (sorry, can't think of a clear way to say what I mean, except that this is what I meant when I blamed the Outlook app if you don't have an Outlook account visible in your settings). MS used to have an app called Outlook.com, and if you synced that with your outlook account you could view and edit the calendar in almost any other calendar app as well. Then they replaced that with the Outlook app and suddenly the calendar wasn't available to any other apps - which is when I ditched that app. I actually use a paid third-party app called Nine to manage my MS accounts, and with that installed I can manage the calendars in any of my other calendar apps as well. But if your husband has a working setup it should be possible to replicate that instead.

    Anyway good luck. Changes of platform can take time. Personally I find Android's approach to settings, where you access an app's settings from the app itself, more logical as it's closer to how my computers work (even my Apple computers), but familiarity is the biggest part of things like this. And I always warn people making any change of platform or even OS version, you'll tend to notice the things that don't work the way you expect before you come to understand anything that works better, so initial impressions tend to be negative no matter what change you make.
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