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Calendar - events added in phone's calendar not showing up on google calendar website

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by savedave, May 1, 2012.

  1. savedave

    savedave Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi there

    I have a rooted HTC desire on oxygen rom, s-off. I have had the phone on oxygen for about a year and s-off since march.

    Recently I started having a new problem with the calendar. While events I add in the google calendar website on my computer are synched to my phone instantly, any events I add to the phone are not synched to the google calendar website. Not ever. I have two editable calendars and the effect is the same for both. This means that the phone and computer version of my calander have different entries.

    I have tried clearing the cache of both the calendar and gmail apps on the phone. Not sure what else to try.

    Any advice appreciated.

    thanks loads

    HTC desire

  2. savedave

    savedave Newbie
    Thread Starter

    just bumping this up to the top - still having this issue and its causing me no end of annoyance!


  3. NickleJim

    NickleJim Newbie

    That happenned to my wife a few weeks ago. The fix? On our Galaxy Note we had to reset the phone. AT&T has a Ready To Go app that brought back her Contacts, and Google brought back her Contacts and Calendar.
    By the way - it's more of a Google problem than anything else.
    We have had the same problem on a Treo W and P, and HTC Windows, and the iphone.
    Wifey is a HEAVY calendar user. She was so mad she went back to her iphone, but this time she is avoiding making repeating appointments -which I believe causes the problem. Me - I am sticking to the Note.
  4. savedave

    savedave Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for your response - what do you mean 'repeat appointments', nicklejim?
  5. NickleJim

    NickleJim Newbie

    My wife is a psychologist. Typically, she schedules a person for an appointment 6 weeks in a row. In the calendar, you can specify, say every Monday at 2:00 pm, for six weeks in a row.
    I think the problem happens (for me) when a person cancels, or changes apppointment time say maybe on the third visit. The change "breaks" the repetition, it's supposed to, but somehow the calendar gets confused. She sees 30 to 50 patients a week, and they are all switching days and appointment times, and the calendar gets messed up.
    I used to get about three months before the calendar messed up. So every three months I was deleting Google, and adding it back in. Most recently, it happened just three days after I reset her phone.
    So she went back to her iphone, and she stopped putting in repeat appointments. She now has to enter the patient each and every appointment the patient makes, hoping we can get about three months before I have to delete Google and put it back in.
    I an still using my Galaxy Note. I never have trouble with my calendar, but then I only use it a fraction of how she uses the calendar.
    Good luck, and post up how your calendar is working!!!
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  6. savedave

    savedave Newbie
    Thread Starter

    thanks NickleJim

    Can I ask, is it just the appointments that are (or were) repeated that messed up in their synching, or were one off apointments getting messed up too? I dont have many repeated appointments and so have have only really noticed the issue with one off appointments, but I might test it out.

    And when you have deleted the calendar, is this just from the phone, and then re-synched from google? I did that but it made no difference.

    Thanks loads

  7. NickleJim

    NickleJim Newbie

    We noticed that when we changed a repeating appointment, it would either not change, or both appointment times would appear, or if we were adding a comment like "patient missed appointment", the comment would appear in all future appointments. It was not just one thing, so I could not put my finger on what is going wrong. Most recently, all future apppointments were missing from the phone, but they were on Google.
    When you delete the Google account, it gives you an option, whether or not you want to leave the data on your phone. I always erase the data, because on my phone, it's corrupted, it's useless.
    Ideally, I would like to keep the last seven years appointments on the phone, but it seems like every few months, I have to start all over.
  8. savedave

    savedave Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks NickleJim

    It sounds like we are having slightly different issues but I will update here if I do find a solution. For now I have to keep double checking everything on both systems :(

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