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calendar issues after 2.2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by gmcgirt, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. gmcgirt

    gmcgirt Newbie
    Thread Starter

    upgraded to 2.2 today via push. Everything synced back to the phone perfectly EXCEPT google calendar events. None. Not a one. NADA. Zip.

    Help? I have checked every setting in the phone (I think). Everything points to the fact that it is connected to my google account and should be syncing. I even performed a manual sync account (with e-mail, contacts, calendar, etc. all checked). Still nothing.

    This is huge. Anyone suffering from the same thing?

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. Clipper13

    Clipper13 Lurker

    Yes. I have just received the update and the calendar is not syncing. Am hoping it's just a matter of time but the contacts synced very quickly. No calendar. .. Gotta think there's a way for it to work. Otherwise this could def suck.
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  3. EpicBoss

    EpicBoss Newbie

    Big Prob! Same here, no Calendar Sync following upgrade to 2.2. Interestingly the calendar in my phone has picked up Outlook schedule items that came into my corporate email account (using MailDroid 1.8 Pro) while I was on the road today (I don't use Exchange). I didn't open them but they embedded in my calendar just like Outlook does on my desktop. This did not work under the previous version of the Android OS.
    We need some Expert help here folks!
  4. EpicBoss

    EpicBoss Newbie

    if you are syncing your calendar with Google, you need to delete all the calendar data on the phone and it should resync and everything will reappear.

    Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> All

    I cleared the data on both Calendar and Calendar Storage and all my Calendar items reappared after a few min.
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  6. douglaslem88

    douglaslem88 Well-Known Member

    i added a bunch of calendar items but put it on the phone. How do I copy those so I can put them on the google calendar so they will sync?
  7. gmcgirt

    gmcgirt Newbie
    Thread Starter

    out of pure frustration, I reset to factory and on restart (and subsequent log-in) everything worked and synched. Now. . .I'm still trying to get my phone back to "my" settings.
  8. gmcgirt

    gmcgirt Newbie
    Thread Starter

    found this in another thread for those of you still dealing with this issue
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  9. rmingee

    rmingee Well-Known Member

    If you edit a calendar entry, one of the things you can change in the calendar on which it resides - so just edit and change them to your Google calendar. I don't know aof a way to do that in "batch" mode, so I think you'll have to edit each individually unless someone else knows a way to group-edit. Good luck!

    -- robert
  10. egkor

    egkor Member

    I updated my Epic to Froyo 2.2, stock EB13, and eventually noticed the Calendar sync issue.

    The posts here in this thread helped me easily fix the issue (clearing Calendar Storage data).

    Thanks very much for everyone's posts about the issue and the solution!

    -Gary K

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