Calendar Issues


I am setting up my wife's new nexus 10, and can't figure out how to color code events in the calendar, like birthdays, etc...
She has been using her calendar on her phone for the past two years, and never used the Google calendar via gmail, etc...but when I set up her N10, all the calendar events were transferred over...which we like. But can't seem to figure out how to color code events.
There is one in there, which says it is from one of her imported contacts, but not sure how that even made it in there :)
Any help is appreciated!
Thanks and happy Xmas!


Android Expert
As far as I know the Color Coding has to be done on Google Calendar's website. My Calendar is blue & my Wife's Calendar is red. I do not see an option to change the color in-App but I know if you go to Calendar.Google.Com you can manually change the color there by editing the calendar.

~ ArmyX