Help Calendar / Message Problem



I'm hoping somebody can help me.

I've had my GT540 for around six months and yesterday i tried to install an app for the first time. When i went to the lg download page, it said my firmware was out of date and i needed to update it to continue.

I did what it said and downloaded the support tool and followed the instructions, updating the firmware and then the pc suite software. It asked if i wanted to back up my data as the update will lose my data. I did this as well as exporting my messages to a .csv file and everything went through okay.

Before the update, i was sync-ing my calendar and contacts with Microsoft Outlook.

I have restored my phone data, but even though it says it has added 348 calendar entries, my calendar on the phone is blank. I have also tried using the pc suite software to sync my calendar, but it goes through okay and the report at the end says 0 entries were updated.

I also cannot import my messages either. When i click on the messages icon in the pc suite, it thinks about things for a couple of seconds, then i get a "Microsoft visual c++ runtime library" error message.

I have tried and tried, uninstalling and reinstalling for the last day and a half and nothing seems to work. I have the latest pc suite and firmware versions that are available through the support tool.

Does anybody know how i can my calendar items or messages back on my phone?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.