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Calendar - Newbie cries for help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pretender, May 25, 2011.

  1. pretender

    pretender Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey Boys & Girls,

    Joined the android bunch when the wife got me a new Xperia X10 for my b'day/anniversary. Its awesome and i'am loving every bit of it especially the personalization part of it.

    However coming from the iPhone I have a few queries and would be great if someone could help me with it. Have searched the forums and haven't really got any useful info of it (mind you i could have terrible searching skill, btw did anyone see my keys??)

    I have two mail id's like most people. One is my personal gmail id and the other is my corporate mail id. I have configured them both onto my phone and I'am indeed recieving all mails without a glitch. Unfortunately I don't have an option of sorts to configure my office calendar to sync with the native app. The calendar option does not exist for the second mail option(The option to sync my personal gmail calendar exists and is working fine).
    However while using the iphone3g previously I was able to simultaneously use both the calendars (gmail & corporate) and an update on either of the two calendars from my desktop would show on the calendar.

    Is it possible to have a similar system on the android as well. The backend for my corporate mail is provided by gmail and so is the calendar and everything in it. Someone suggested elsewhere that i could share the calendar to my personal mail and i could use it that way. Unfortunately it not enabled for me and the only option for sharing lets my personal account to see if I'm free or engaged at any time. This would be of very limited use to me.

    Question 2
    Whenever i receive a mail with a calendar invite on the corporate id, the mail appears empty with a small attachment. Using the preview option on the mail app displays text based data that pretty much random stuff overlaid on the meeting name etc(i guess this is the program info or something). Is there anyway if and when i receive an invite i would be able to add them to my calendar or refuse it right-away etc..

    These two queries are the biggest of my worries as of now on the otherwise enjoyable experience. I'm terrible sorry for the long post but thought I'd give as much info as possible.

    Thanks for your time and help!!

    PS: Some background info, Phone: Xperia X10i, Firmware 2.1-Update1(India), unrooted, baseband 2.1.54. If there is any other app that would help me do the same(Paid or Free), it would be awesome.

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  2. myers6mm

    myers6mm Guest

    I'm using TouchDown for my Exchange Email and Calendar. You can try it for free from the Android Market. If you like it it's on sale from Amazon App Store for $7.99. You will have to install the Amazon App and leave it on your phone to be able to use TouchDown, if you but it from them. Or pay $19.99 in the Android Market and be done with it.
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  3. beau420

    beau420 Android Expert

    It all depends on what your corporate email runs on.

    If you were able on the iPhone to collect corporate Calendar data....what type of server is your company running?

    If it is MS Exchange (which it sounds like it might be) then TouchDown is probably the app for you. There are others, but most apps that gather data from Exchange will cost you something. My phone came with an MS Exchange app (but that app stopped working when my cellular provider upgraded from 1.6 to 2.1 months and months ago)

    Actually....maybe you can get it for free

    Exchange for Android 2.x | AppBrain Android Market

    Otherwise just search for exchange and calendar

    exchange calendar - Search Android Apps on AppBrain

    The default mail app on the phone can't handle exchange servers...just POP3 and Imap I think....or at least it can't do all the exchange stuff by default.

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