Help Calendar shifts with time zone


I’ve noticed that the entries in my calendar shift as I travel through into a different time zone, so that a meeting scheduled in calendar at 8:00 will shift to 5:00 when I travel from the east coast of the US to the west coast. How do I make this stop? I am using Outlook.

Why in the world wouldn't you want this to happen? If it didn't, you'd be getting any calendar alerts at the wrong time.


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Maybe I'm missing something. Here's the deal. I live in the eastern time zone. I recently had a business trip to the west coast, so a three hour time difference. When planning for the trip, I input my meeting schedule into Outlook. As an example, I had a meeting at 8:00 AM on Tuesday in California, and I input that into Outlook while in Ohio at an 8:00 AM meeting; however, when I got to California, the meeting moved to 5:00 AM. Not quite useful if you ask me. So, what box did I forget to check?