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Calendar Sync Issue

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Serpent1937, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. Serpent1937

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    First, I apologize I'm a newbie to both android and outlook exchange accounts.

    I would like my hero to update my computer calendar when I add an event to my phone. I would prefer it do it automatically through Exchange ActiveSync. From Computer to Phone works just fine. Ive tried through ActiveSync and PC option (HTC Sync) and it doesn't automatically do this.

    I have tried making a new calendar on a g-mail account and synced it both to my phone and my outlook account and am running Google Calendar Sync hoping that the phone would update the G-mail and the g-mail would update the outlook. This only made it so that when I look on my phone i have a reminder for an event 3 times at the same time. I don't know if my calendar on my computer isn't set up correctly or the phone is set up incorrectly. Any advise such as New User recommendations. My exchange mail works just fine on my phone. Thank you for you help.


    I Made an event in my G-calendar, went to settings sync and synced the google. It didn't change my google account online, no update.

    Update 2

    Putting an event in google calendar shows up on outlook exchange calendar and on the devices calendar but anything put into the device doesnt get pushed to G.calendar or Outlook/exchange

    Update 3

    Im trying to get touchdown to work but I can't even get e-mail from that. At least with the stock calendar/mail I can get mail and contacts, just not upload. My wife is on the same exchange network and has the same phone, I set up her accounts and hers automatically started working. It has to be something with the phone given that it wont update google calendar either.

    Update 4

    I am using OWA exchange servers. When I goto my server owa.usu.edu and sign on, in the option it says I have synced my phone today. So It is getting synced, it just isn't exchanging any information.

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