May 31, 2022
On my old phone my calendar events are saved in the factory app called 'Calendar'. After downloading the Google Calendar app the events sync and I can see them in Google Calendar, but I want to see the events in Google Calendar on my new phone, but syncing Google Calendar doesn't work as the events weren't originally set up in Google Calendar. Any ideas how I get the events from the android Calendar app to Google Calendar on a different phone?

Presumably these events were not synced, just stored in a "local" calendar on the phone. If they were synced to some account you need to set up the same account on the new phone.

If they are unsynced then you need to install a calendar app on the old phone which has the option to export them. Not all do, though in my calendar app collection Business Calendar has this, don't know about Google Calendar as I don't use it. This will export the selected calendar's events to either an ics or a vcs file, can't remember which. Copy the file to the new phone and import it there (may also need to install an app that supports import/export there).

The other option would be to move all of the events to a synched calendar, but I don't know whether you have a bulk way of doing that - otherwise it would be very tedious if you have many events.
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