Calendars with colored event text



Would you please help?

I am looking for an Android calendar that :

  1. can sync with Outlook, and
  2. can set different colors to the text of individual events based on their categories.

( PS. I used to use Pocket Informant. But I am told the Android version has a lot of problems, including syncing with outlook )


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im not sure of the sync but calengoo has good color options maybe business calender im sticking with pocket informant


Thanks for the reply.

So u are using the Android Pocket Informant? I heard there are many problems such as slow speed and unable to sync with Outlook. The satisfaction ratings are quite low.

Did you have any of these problems?


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Colour categories are not supported by Andoid so I don't think this is going to work unless you use a dedicated calendar/sync app that has this feature. Calendroid is my app of choice and syncs with Outlook.


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Hi Spile,

Yes, I heard the standard Google Calendar doesn't support color categaories. Thanks for confirming. That is why I don't even bother to find something that syncs with it.

I just need something that syncs with Outlook, which is more important to me.

Kevindroid made a good suggestion about Calengoo. But it looks as if the Outlook category colors would not be preserved when you port the data to Calengoo.

Would be good if Calengoo offer a trial version for me to try before I buy :)