calender birthdays spb 3d

So I have successfully rooted and have syriah 2.6.13 I think it was and cmv6

What is a good home screen to use?
Currently trying spb shell 3d...

Also my contacts birthdays have gone from my calender and smooth calender widget, have tried sync under settings but that didn't work....

Any tips for using kitchen pro watched the videos but still stuck on what it is and how to install from it....



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SPB shell is a bit of a Marmite launcher. Personally I love it. If its not for you then I would suggest Go Launcher.
My birthdays are coming through on my calendar. I have all my contacts on google and just tick the option in the available calendars in the calendar settings.

By cmv6 I assume you mean CheckROM? If so, the kitchen app is just a simple case of selecting the mod etc, then download and install.


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Thanks for your help....

Found that where Facebook app was not on my phone after flashing, therefore it was no longer on my sync list....

Well sick with spb3d get used to it and see what I think, loved go launcher before. What is tw launcher?

I just installed the ice cream sandwich boots screen and i love there any way to make it my live wallpaper?

Also my orange signal boost (boosts signal through wifi) keeps unexpectedly closing!


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What is tw launcher?

TouchWiz, default SGSII launcher.

I just installed the ice cream sandwich boots screen and i love there any way to make it my live wallpaper?

You could in theory extract it I suppose. However, I wouldn't recommend it as it probably wouldn't play nicely with SPBShell 3D and would flatten your battery in no time.

Also on the pull down notifications is there a way to change the silent mode on off back to data on off?

Fully configurable through Deluxe Settings.


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Lol k no worries...
Any idea why my orange signal boost app keeps making me force close?

I use this app loads because I barely get signal at work so it goes through the wifi....

The application signal boost (process com.Android.kineto) has speed unexpectedly. Please try again.