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Calender events not syncing from phone to Outlook calender

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by chefjohncourtade, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. chefjohncourtade

    Thread Starter

    The events I am scheduling on my Hero are not syncing to my Outlook calender.

  2. treborcj

    treborcj Android Enthusiast

    How are you syncing to Outlook?
  3. chefjohncourtade

    Thread Starter

    both through exchange and htc sync. neither works. the come down from pc or exchange, but not up from phone to pc or exchange.
  4. bbshriver

    bbshriver Newbie

    I'm having a related problem, when I send a meeting invite, or receive one, my e-mail on the phone doesn't seem to recognize it as an event, I just get the e-mail with text, but there's no accept/add to calendar option.

    Any ideas? Do i need one of the exchange apps to support this? My e-mail/calendar/contact sync to exchange is working great, but this is a bit annoying.

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