Help Calibre and Fanfiction


I am trying to avoid rooting my KFHD because I'm terrified of bricking it, but I feel like I may have to.

I have an app that is only on the Play store, that's just called "Fanfiction" (for reading fanfiction from I already have it on my GS3. I want to put it on my KFHD but I have no idea how to get the apk, I can't find it online anywhere.

My next option was going to calibre on my PC (win 7) and e-mailing it to my kindle. I have the most updated calibre, but I get a failed to send error every time I try to send something. My from e-mail is definitely on the approved personal documents list.

Please help, I am driving myself crazy.

P.S. Is there any way to get notifications for e-mails only from a certain domain?


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Load a tool like "Astro File Manager" onto your GS3. Using this tool, backup your apps. Now you can go to your "Backup" directory and get the Fanfiction apk that was backed up. Transfer this APK to your kindle and install.

Tada! No root. No problems. Everything should work now.


fanfiction downloader is what i use, it works with about a dozen different fanfiction site, including You open it on your computer, input the url of the story, select the download destination and format, and then click the button and it will download the entire story and format it as chosen, then you can just pop it onto the kindle and read it. you can use the default format, or use epub format like I do and read them on a seperate app. My favorite is Moon+ Reader.


You can also connect your tablet to your pc and Calibre will find it. That's how I send my epubs to my Kindle Fire. It automatically converts.