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So, I rooted Monday and I've been trying a few different Sense roms and I saw not much going on with this rom and wondered if anyone else had given it a try yet?

Coming from the Hero, AOSP roms ran so much better, so I'm getting familiar again with Sense. So far, I've tried Mik v4.5, Azrael X, Myn, Sprint Lovers and now this.

Any thoughts?:D


I'm really liking EViO (not shift version) with ADW.Launcher as well. I have tried SL, Mik and now EViO and like it the most. It seems clean and quick and the battery life is outstanding.


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Wow, no one has tried this rom yet, as far as the sense roms are concerned, this may be the fastest so far. No troubles with anything, 4G works... Using the 4.3.2 havs kernel from here